Apr 2024 Masashi receives a PRESTO grant from the Japan Science and Technology Agency!
Mar 2024 Masashi discusses the relationship between sleep and memory in The Daily.
Feb 2024 Our paper is out in Journal of Neuroscience Methods!
Dec 2023 Holiday lab dinner at L'Albatros!
Nov 2023 We catch up with Victor at SfN!
Aug 2023 We got a new NIGMS Equipment Grant! Thanks for supporting our research!
Aug 2023 Nadia starts her rotation in the lab. Welcome, Nadia!
July 2023 The Neurosciences departmental 5K race at Will Run for Tacos!
The-Neurosciences-departmental-5K-race      5K_Masashi
June 2023 Masashi's review is out in Neuroscience Research!
June 2023 Masashi receives a Japan Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award 2023!
June 2023 Congrats to Bryan and Faith for receiving SOURCE summer research grants!
May 2023 Congrats to Libby for being promoted to RA2!
Apr 2023 Congrats to Vipin for winning the Neurosciences Axe Throwing League at Class Axe Throwing Cleveland!
Axe-throwing-photo1      Axe-throwing-photo5
Nov 2022 We catch up with Yutian at SfN!
Sep 2022 Joe's Final Progress Report and Farewell Lunch, saying goodbye to Joe, as he heads off to London!
Joe-final-lab-meeting      Joe-last-lab-lunch
Aug 2022 Joel's Farewell Lunch at TownHall Ohio City, saying goodbye to Joel, as he completes the HLB program!
June 2022 Masashi becomes a Scialog Fellow for Molecular Basis of Cognition.
May 2022 Masashi becomes a research mentor of the HLB Summer Research Program.
May 2022 Anelise and Yutian's Farewell Lunch at Cleveland Pinstripes, saying goodbye to Anelise and Yutian, as they head off to graduate programs!
Apr 2022 Victor talks about his Barry Goldwater Scholarship on The Daily and is featured on the departmental website!
Apr 2022 Lab lunch before Neurosciences departmental social hour (our lab hosting)!
lab-lunch-4_22_2022_1      lab-lunch-4_22_2022_2
Apr 2022 Congrats to Linh for getting accepted to the IGS MA program at Case Western Reserve University!
Apr 2022 Congrats to Victor for receiving a Provost Summer Undergraduate Research Grant!
Apr 2022 Celebrating and thanking Anelise, Yutian, and Joe for their graduate school admissions and their contributions to the lab!
Mar 2022 Congrats to Victor for winning the Barry Goldwater Scholarship!
Mar 2022 Our paper is out in Frontiers in Physiology!
Aug 2021 The Lab receives a Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA) from the NIH/NIGMS!
May 2021 Masashi is awarded a Whitehall Foundation Grant.
Apr 2021 Masashi is awarded a BrightFocus Foundation Grant.
Mar 2021 Our review is out in Frontiers in Neurology!
Mar 2021 Masashi receives a grant from the Brain Science Foundation in Japan!
May 2020 Masashi receives a grant from the Tomizawa Jun-ichi & Keiko Fund of Molecular Biology Society of Japan for Young Scientist!
Jan 2020 Masashi starts the Lab.